Glacier National Park

We were not blessed with the best weather whilst at the park earlier this week. I have managed to salvage some shots – and here are early some early previews.

Buildings of Montana

Here are some early shots of buildings that I have found in the USA state of Montana.

Hopefully I can come up with some better versions of these when I am back at home (this trip has been so hectic).

Jackson Hole – Mormon Row

I have been looking forward to getting back to Mormon Row at Jackson Hole WY for near 20 years for a chance to re-take some of my most cherished shots. The last time that I was here, I was taking photographs on slide film.

After convincing Julie to be up at the crack of dawn and getting out to the area, the weather was not the greatest. There were some rain clouds around and earlier in the morning there had been some lightning around the back of the Tetons.

So, I have resigned to the fact that the photos will be processed in order to rescue them.

IMG_1052_3_4_tonemapped copy

Yosemite Park Photos

We went through the famous US park of Yosemite in CA a few days ago. Unfortunately, I have not had any time for the photo processing as yet, but here is a preview.

Yosemite Falls 1

Bodie Photographs

Bodie State Historic Park – California

We spent some time at Bodie in California and it provided some good photographic opportunities. The weather was great and the crowds were low.

Bodie is close to the town of Bridgeport in the Yosemite area. It is easily reached, but the last few kilometres is dirt road in good condition (by Australian standards).

This ghost town was a former large gold mining town that has been abandoned for many years. It was so large at a point in that it had 60 saloons.

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Technology for the plane trip

Well, we have a long plane trip coming up going to San Francisco.

We first have to travel to Sydney (Australia) and then after a layover, head off to the States. According to the trip plans, it is 2 hours to Sydney, 3 more hours on the ground there, and then 13.5 hours up to the California. Add some time in the airport at each end and in total we will be commuting for around 21 hours.

With all of that time to kill, I am going to need some serious tech to get me through.

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Things that interest us in San Francisco

Even though San Francisco is just a small part of the trip and with cities not being the focus, we are still keen to see quite a few things. It has been a lot of years since either of us have been there and we certainly want to discover some new things together.

We have not nailed down what we are going to see or in what order. There are a few items on the list which are ‘must sees’ but the rest we will sneek in as/when we can. Getting from place to place is probably going to be the hardest thing for us. We don’t plan on using much public transport but rather rely on Lyft services or walking between adjacent highlights.

There are quite a few things that we want to see in San Francisco. Among them are the following in no particular order.

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2017 Western USA National Parks Itinerary

Date Location
27/5/2017 Sat
28/5/2017 Sun
29/5/2017 Mon
San Fransisco, CA
30/5/2017 Tue
Three Rivers, CA
31/5/2017 Wed
1/6/2017 Thu
Oakhurst, CA
2/6/2017 Fri
Bridgeport, CA
3/6/2017 Sat
4/6/2017 Sun
Reno, NV
5/6/2017 Mon
Jackpot, NV
6/6/2017 Tue
7/6/2017 Wed
Jackson, WY
8/6/2017 Thu
9/6/2017 Fri
West Yellowstone, WY
10/6/2017 Sat
Cody, WY
11/6/2017 Sun
Great Falls, MT
12/6/2017 Mon
13/6/2017 Tue
14/6/2017 Wed
Bear Creek Ranch,
East Glacier Park Village, MT
15/6/2017 Thu
Whitefish, MT
16/6/2017 Fri
Spokane, WA
17/6/2017 Sat
18/6/2017 Sun
Hood River, OR
19/6/2017 Mon
Klamath Falls OR
20/6/2017 Tue
21/6/2017 Wed
Calistoga (Napa), CA
22/6/2017 Thu
Flight back home from SFO


Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 9.19.25 pm



USA Trip coming up soon!

We are headed back to the States during the months of May and June.  Apparently, there is a ‘significant’ birthday to celebrate whilst away.

We are starting to get excited – and just a little stressed about things yet to organise & prepare.

The last minute trip plans are coming together.   Julie is spending the day looking at the areas of San Francisco that we should be seeing and putting a comprehensive list of notes together.

Over the next few days, I will be adding content to this site with the complete plan.