Murray Princess Weekend

We recently decided on taking a short ‘recharge’ weekend away. It was important not to spend too much travelling, and we wanted it to be as relaxed as possible for a short time.

There was one thing that had been at the back of my mind for quite some time – a trip on the River Murray.

The most common way to have a trip on the Murray River is to hire a houseboat, fill it with friends & supplies and then navigate your own way around the river. This was not what I had in mind as there was still decisions to be made (let alone the cooking).

We found that the Murray Princess had a 3-night trip departing on the Friday of a long weekend which sounded perfect. The ship has the vibe that it is suited for the more mature traveller, but we could cope with that. We invited along some of our parents to join us, and they were happy to come.

The river is very photogenic and it was a great chance to get out there and do some photos and videos of the cliffs. The Murray Princess also ‘docks’ along the banks of the river each night, so it was possible to get off and do some more shots on land.

The trip itself was exactly what we were looking for. The staff were great, the ship fantastic, the food delicious and the scenery as breathtaking as expected. The trip delivered the relaxation that we needed.

I have put together some video of the outside of the ship and the scenery. It shows off some of South Australia which I am proud of and think that more people should go out and appreciate.

See it here…

If you ever get a chance to spend some time in South Australia, we would highly recommend that you try to plan a cruise on the River Murray.

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