Our favourite travel gadget

The one thing that always finds a place in our bag is a compact bluetooth speaker.

We love to have a bit of sound playing in hotel rooms and cruise ship cabins (or balconies). It sets the mood for our holiday. They are also very handy in noisy rooms as we can play white noise to overcome sounds like road or corridor noise. We quite often fall asleep to the sounds of the ocean played through a phone.

I seem to have been collecting these bluetooth speakers for a number of years now. Their numbers have grown in the house and now I have choices when we want sound. There are a range of types from mains-powered high quality speakers through to some ‘freebie’ speakers that have been given to me as promotions (and are not worth keeping).

Bose_SoundLink_Mini_speaker_II_1524_13.jpgFor travelling though, when in Australia our choice to take is the Bose Soundlink Mini. These are fantastic speakers with a great sound and ample enough volume for us. For best results with this speaker, place it near a wall or some other vertical solid surface. This really makes the sound much more full.

The Bose Soundlink Mini is fantastic – but it has the downside that it is heavier and larger than I would like.

sony-srs-x11-06.jpgFor overseas travel when weight and size is more important to us, we now take the Sony SRS X11 speakers. The sound is not quite as good as the larger units but is still quite reasonable. The benefit of these speakers is that it is housed in a cube of 61 x 61 x 61mm. The weight is also slashed to just 215gm. This is so easy to sneak into a corner of my bag somewhere and is so light that I don’t know that it is there.

Given the limits of size on these speakers, I would not say a bad thing about them. Even the battery life is still amazing.

However, the sound is mono. You can pair 2 of these units together if want a better stereo sound, but for travelling overseas, this is something that we can trade off. Have some sound in a convenient package is better than having great sound in something less portable.

These speakers also come in a range of colours. Ours is bright red to reduce the chance that we leave it in a hotel room.

Oh, and of course, as I am a nerd, I have 3D printer a lovely travel case for this printer which keeps it from being knocked around in my bag. Email me if you would like to see the plans.

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