Technology for the plane trip

Well, we have a long plane trip coming up going to San Francisco.

We first have to travel to Sydney (Australia) and then after a layover, head off to the States. According to the trip plans, it is 2 hours to Sydney, 3 more hours on the ground there, and then 13.5 hours up to the California. Add some time in the airport at each end and in total we will be commuting for around 21 hours.

With all of that time to kill, I am going to need some serious tech to get me through.

Bose QC35 Noise Cancelling Headphones

Without a doubt, these will be the first things that I put in the bag. They have enough battery capacity to easily get me end-to-end.

Normally I would be listening to podcasts, audiobooks, white-noise generators and NetFlix, but when I want to get some sleep, I will just put them on and leave the noise cancelling on. This cancels out the noise of the plane (and the cabin noise) pretty well. It almost works too well – as you can easily miss announcements and the arrival of food.

The bluetooth version of these headphones are well worth the upgrade from the cabled QC25s. On a plane, the cable can easily snap in the tray table, the arm rest or that glass of scotch and coke.

Apple AirPods

I also take my Apple AirPods but won’t use these on the plane. These would only be for in the terminals & lounges. I fear that I would lose one or both down the back of a seat on a plane. In the terminal, it is nice to be more audibly connected with what is going on.

These have fantastic battery life.

iPhone 7 Plus

In the years past, I would have lugged along an iPad for watching videos on. Now, the phone with the larger screen will do me just fine.

There is so much on my phone which will entertain my brain for that time. I tend to bore of one thing and ofter swap between tasks on a long flight.

The phone for me is for
– Podcasts (so much to listen to – all queued up in OverCast – thanks Marco)
– Apple Music – songs can be downloaded to the device so that they do not have to be streamed.
– NetFlix – rather than settle for the ‘entertainment’ that Qantas is happy with, I can download some catchup shows from NetFlix. I’d be full of guilt for watching multiple hours at home, but I can do it easily on the flight.
– – If you work in an area where you need to concentrate on task for a long time then check out this service. The best thing is that they have relaxing, nap and sleep tracks as well and these are great on the plane. No screaming babies can counter act this when paired with the QC35s.
– Audible for when it is time to listen to some books.
– Kindle or some other e-book reader when time to read.
– TaoMix – Custom whitenoise generation application
– Pythonista – for when I want to write some code for personal projects that I have been putting off.

Portable battery powerbank

With all of this phone use both in the airport lounges and in the air, there is a good chance that the phone will need a boost before landing into the USA.

I will pack a charging cable and a powerbank. I have a small & light unit which is only 3000 mAh which is perfect for this. It can easily be in my pocket during the trip without discomfort.

A phone clip

This is where I get a bit nerdy.

There is no way that I am going to hold a phone at the right viewing angle to watch for any amount of time.

Years ago, I made up a couple clips for the phone on my 3D printer. I think I put the designs onto Thingiverse (ping me if you want them and cannot find them). These clips travel on all flights with me now. They are so small & light that there is no downside.

The first one can hold the phone on the tray table at 3 different angles. Depending on your seating position and the tray location the angle can be adjusted easily.

When I want the table to be up I use the second clip which can loop over the back of the stowed tray table and holds the phone against the upright tray safely.

Tray table clip
Multi-angle table holder

On top of being very functional, these 2 clips also make great fidget things.

Sorry about the poor quality photos – I really should put more effort in.

Well, that’s more than enough tech to get me there and maybe back as well.

So, you may ask, if that my tech, what does Julie use? Well nothing. She is quite content without any of this.

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