Guide Dog Update​

The great news is that last month, Harley graduated as a fully certified guide dog!
As volunteers for the Royal Society for the Blind here in South Australia, we housed the dog as part of their “Bed and Breakfast” program. This means that we looked after Harley after-hours. On each weekday, we dropped Harley off to the trainers in the morning and then collected him after ‘school’.

We were delighted to be part of Harley’s training and to have his company at all times as we went through our regular life routines. There were a few times that we were able to take him to work. At the supermarket, he always got a lot of attention.

He is currently with his new client assisting her through life, and both are doing well together.

Well done Harley!


tommy.jpgIn the last week, we also had the pleasure of looking after Tommy for a few days in our home.  In the picture above, he is taken a nap while keeping me company at work.

Tommy is a 14-week old Retriever/Lab cross and is still with his puppy educators for at least 12-14 months. He will then start his intensive training and will stay with a Bed & Breakfast boarder (maybe us with a little luck!).

Onkaparinga River Mouth, South Australia

Here is a short video of the mouth of the Onkaparinga River at Port Noarlunga on Adelaide’s south coast.

The river flows through the Adelaide Hills, through the Onkaparinga Gorge and Old Noarlunga town before emptying into the St. Vincent Gulf. The river’s aboriginal name is Ngangkiparri.

The area is well known for fishing, paddle-boarding, kayaking, surfing and swimming. It is around 1 hours drive from the centre of Adelaide.

Adelaide Hills Church

Here is a photo of​ our local area, which shows the St. Paul’s Anglican Church at Montacute, South Australia.

Hills Church HDR copy

This building was originally constructed in 1885 ​but was destroyed by bushfire in 1955 and then rebuilt.

The photo was taken with a DJI Air.

Glacier National Park

We were not blessed with the best weather whilst at the park earlier this week. I have managed to salvage some shots – and here are early some early previews.

Buildings of Montana

Here are some early shots of buildings that I have found in the USA state of Montana.

Hopefully I can come up with some better versions of these when I am back at home (this trip has been so hectic).

Jackson Hole – Mormon Row

I have been looking forward to getting back to Mormon Row at Jackson Hole WY for near 20 years for a chance to re-take some of my most cherished shots. The last time that I was here, I was taking photographs on slide film.

After convincing Julie to be up at the crack of dawn and getting out to the area, the weather was not the greatest. There were some rain clouds around and earlier in the morning there had been some lightning around the back of the Tetons.

So, I have resigned to the fact that the photos will be processed in order to rescue them.

IMG_1052_3_4_tonemapped copy

Yosemite Park Photos

We went through the famous US park of Yosemite in CA a few days ago. Unfortunately, I have not had any time for the photo processing as yet, but here is a preview.

Yosemite Falls 1

Bodie Photographs

Bodie State Historic Park – California

We spent some time at Bodie in California and it provided some good photographic opportunities. The weather was great and the crowds were low.

Bodie is close to the town of Bridgeport in the Yosemite area. It is easily reached, but the last few kilometres is dirt road in good condition (by Australian standards).

This ghost town was a former large gold mining town that has been abandoned for many years. It was so large at a point in that it had 60 saloons.

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